Elbow pain is frequently seen in those who are actively involved in tennis, golf or baseball. Repetitive motion of the wrist and arm for these activities can lead to tendon strain, microscopic tears and persistent inflammation of the tendons involved in those movements. Osteoarthritis is another common condition that can cause chronic elbow pain and inflammation.



Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow is a type of tendinitis (inflammation of tendon) that causes pain around your elbow and arm. These tendons are tough tissue that connect muscles of your lower arm to the bone (epicondyle). You can still get tennis elbow if you never played sports but instead involved in repetitive gripping and twisting movements from your hands.

Many people experiencing above symptoms from common injuries are excellent candidate for stem cell therapy. Many professional pitchers are able to avoid invasive surgery through stem cell therapy.


First hand conservative treatment for elbow pain is to rest the arm and trying over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen, to allow the body to heal. More involved treatment options for severe cases range from steroid injections, tendon debridement, and surgical release.


Shoulder pain is a very common complaint. Unfortunately, shoulder surgery can be difficult due to the complexity of the joint and has poorest post-surgery outcome data unlike any other joint in our body.

Individuals suffering from shoulder pain due to common injuries of the rotator cuff and shoulder labrum, as well as those facing shoulder replacement due to arthritis and other degenerative problems may be excellent candidates for regenerative therapy.

Initial first line treatment for shoulder injuries is to rest the shoulder, trying over the counter pain medications and physical rehab. More involved options range from intraarticular steroid injections to surgical debridement or repair.

Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive regenerative treatment that is being used to treat shoulder pain with minimal downtime.


Muscular Man suffering from back and neck pain. Incorrect sitting posture problems Muscle spasm, rheumatism. Pain relief, ,chiropractic concept. Sport exercising injury

Neck and back pain is extremely common condition affecting 80% people at some point in their life.

Most people with back or neck pain improve over time with first line conservative treatment like stretching, exercise, physical therapy, chiropractor manipulation, along with taking over the counter Anti-inflammatory medications.

Next step is trying Epidural steroid injections if they failed conservative treatment and continue to experience neck, or back pain. Many a times Epidural injections doesn’t help or only provide short lived relief especially you are having Degenerative disc disease.

Every year, millions of people with back injuries, neck injuries, and pain undergo extensive spine surgeries. Frequently, surgery does not give you outcome you planned to achieve, and they are left with other painful conditions such as reduced back motion, diminished activity levels, and chronic muscle spasms related to scar tissue from surgery. There are numerous causes of back and neck pain, please consult with our physician to see what treatment option is appropriate for your condition.

Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy offers an exciting option for relief from debilitating back pain. Avoid surgery and pain medications with this minimally-invasive treatment.


Hip pain is also very common condition affecting many of us. Thorough history and location of pain gives some clues about possible causes of hip pain.

Among many causes of hip pain, following causes of hip pain can be successfully targeted through Stem cell therapy.

  • Articular cartilage injury

  • Labral tears

  • Osteoarthritis

Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy offers an exciting option for relief from debilitating hip pain. Avoid surgery and pain medications with this minimally-invasive treatment.




Every year, millions of people with knee pain undergo painful and expensive total knee replacement surgeries. Frequently, surgery does give you outcome which you planned to achieve, and they are left with other chronic pain conditions and get subjected to repeated surgical replacements.

As with any other body pain, there are numerous causes of knee pain. Currently these are few causes of knee pain which can be successfully targeted with Stem cell therapy.

Torn Meniscus

Anterior cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury


Many people get repeated Steroid injections in their knee joint in order to function with reduced pain, frequent steroid injections can be toxic to your knee cartilage.

Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy offers an exciting option for relief from debilitating knee pain. Avoid surgery and pain medications with this minimally-invasive treatment.

Treatment Process

Regenerative cell therapies are simpler and much less invasive than surgical procedures.


We will review your history of illness and injuries, including X-rays and MRIs. This will help the physician in determining whether an adult stem cell or PRP therapy will provide benefit to you.

“Anything that could affect or alter the success of regenerative therapy will be evaluated by our physician
before regenerative therapies are planned. Since every patient is different, there are no guarantees that the medical treatment will result in the same clinical outcome for all”


If you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will meet the physician to review the procedure and to have any questions answered.


You may be asked to stop any Anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen, Alleve for a week before treatment which impedes the process of healing. We may ask you to consult with a Naturopath specialist to have a beneficial nutrition plan to follow before your procedure.


With Image guided Injectable therapy, we deliver your own concentrated cells to help support and stimulate your body’s natural healing process. Stem cells are taken from an area of high concentration, like your hip bone, and delivered directly to the area of inflammation to help you heal naturally, safely, and in most cases, more quickly.

A typical adult stem cell procedure usually lasts about an 1 hour and consists of the following 3 steps


Using a syringe, the physician withdraws a small amount of bone marrow from an easy-to-access point on the hip of the patient using Image guidance.


The adult stem cells are separated from the rest of the bone marrow material.


The concentrated adult stem cells are returned to the part of the body that needs healing.


You will be to advised to give rest to the treated area for 1 to 6 weeks, thereafter a personalized after care program optimal recovery and longterm results.. We will determine the method for follow-up which could be via phone, email, mail or post- treatment appointments.