Failed back Syndrome / Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Most people experience successful results from back/spine surgeries (Laminectomy/Fusion surgeries). But for some, they still continue to experience chronic debilitating pain even after multiple neck/back surgeries. As a result, they often rely on opioid pain medications to manage their daily life.


The most obvious symptoms stemming from failed back and neck surgeries include pain that originates from a new location, sharp back pain, restricted mobility, pain medication dependence, anxiety, sleeplessness, numbness and back spasms.


Fortunately, science has come a long way. If you have tried Interventional procedures which gave you limited or no relief, there is still a hope.

Spinal cord Stimulation trial ( Neuromodulation), is a procedure which you can try it out for 7-10 days without the risk of incision or scar tissue, unlike surgery. This is an outpatient procedure just like a Epidural Injection but instead of injecting medications, we thread small pulse generating electrodes around your spine and leave it there for 7-10 days during trial period.

These pulse generating electrodes tend to block any pain signals travelling through your back, legs or arms to your brain. Currently available spinal cord stimulation devices, also send signals to part of your brain which is over-sensitized due to months or years of Chronic pain thus providing effective pain relief.

Neuromodulation, which can stimulate the spinal cord, is often a remarkable treatment option for individuals with failed back surgery syndrome or Post-laminectomy syndrome. It involves inserting a small pulse generating electrode (small wire) into the patient’s back while under mild sedation. This whole procedure takes about 30-45 minutes and thereafter patients can then conduct this therapy from the comfort of their home using a special remote control. The higher the setting on the remote control, the more the spinal cord is stimulated. You will be in close touch with Spinal cord stimulation device representative who will adjust settings or change programming of the device as per your needs to have a successful trial.

Follow up: After about a week, patients visit physician’s office for a follow up during which, the electrodes are taken out and we discuss the results of this trial. If you experience more than 50% relief from your ongoing pain, we call it a success.

After successful result( > 50% pain relief), we discuss strategies or plan for permanent implantation of this device around your spine for continued long term relief.